Rocking the bikers, breaking the records

Honda Private Limited (BHL)

For the first time in Bangladesh, Honda Private Limited (BHL) was to unveilthe Sports Bike- CB Hornet 160R. Raw, Real, Ripped and Rocking was the brand persona. The all new CB Hornet 160R stands out in its category with its aggressive styling and cutting edge performance.

Task in Hand

Create a mega buzz among all the biker community, lead generation campaign to ensure participation in the launch event of the CB Hornet 160R and supporting sales lead generation. The biggest challenge in hand was that the campaign period was for 4 days only.


Launch and manage the social media presence for the new Honda CB Hornet 160R Bangladesh. A strong stream of campaign was launched with fan acquisition campaign, promoted content to reach and audience engagement. Lead generation campaigns were rolled out. In addition, a promoted registration form to drive traffic to Honda Website for event registration was also executed. In addition, video engagements and posts of the leading rock band Warfazeendorsing the event and the brand was integrated in the social media.


  • 22K+ video views were achieved in 4 days
  • 75K+ post engagements were achieved in 4 days
  • Around 7,000+ leads were generated from lead generation campaign.
  • More than 1,600 unit sales were achieved in a period of 15 days, which set a new record in the bike industry in Bangladesh

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