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Lovello Ice Cream

To make efficient promotion strategy to build brand awareness for Lovello Ice Cream, one of the strongest challenger brands in the ice-cream market place. Lovello is an ice cream brand,which is dedicatedly active on social media platform to stand out from all other competitor brands. The main purpose of their communication is to share every beats of Bangladesh by spreading love from heart to heart.

Task in Hand

To create and manage a strong social media digital community of Lovello loyalists and ensure consistent engagement in the digital eco system through a mix of organic growth and limited inorganic investment.


For a period of more than a year, for Lovello Ice Cream, we implemented an efficient promotion strategy for digital brand building creating engaging contents, intricate audience selection and time filtered content placement and posting strategy.


The social media journey of Lovello Ice Cream started in 2016 and by end of 2016, they had grown to 37k+ fans in Facebook in 2016. From 2017, we took over and today within a period of one year, we have supported Lovello to achieve over 200k+ fansand reached over 21 millionpeople with an average 2.1M Post Engagement rate.

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