Outperforming RAMADAN KPIs

Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank is a global banking and financial services company which has its Bangladesh operations headquartered in Dhaka. Standard Chartered has been operating in Bangladesh for over a hundred years. We won this account in 2017 and have been supporting their digital presence in Bangladesh for the last one year. From the time we took up the assignment, the fan base has increased by 56%. Now SCB is the #1 followed bank in Facebook in Bangladesh

Task in Hand

Ramadan is a month when people accelerate their consumerism and purchase behaviors with the advent of the Eid. Thus SCB wanted to capitalize this opportunity through promoting attractive discounts on purchase through credit card for dining out and shopping indulgence

  • Standout among the similar offerings of other banks and financial institutions for the season.
  • Keep the campaign conveyance interesting and relevant to the user, while maintaining a connection with the product and the campaigns.


Facebook was the platform used for the campaign communication. A mix of page like, engagement posts, carousal and canvas ads were used to achieve the campaign KPIs. Carefully filtered inventory of custom audience were usedto minimize cost per result.


  • 225K followers were added during the campaign period on FB
  • SCB Facebook page followers increased by 44% which was 15% more than the KPI
  • More than 1.7 million TGreached on Facebook.
  • Generated 10% more engagement than target
  • The impact from social media ensured the achievement of client target for the targeted increase in the credit card sales of SCB for the month of Ramadan.

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